President and CEO

Dr. Idowu Waheed Olanrewaju graduated from the University of Benin Nigeria with a distinction in surgery. He also attended the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria.

Dr. Olanrewaju is a consultant in Family Medicine with special interest in Malariology, a subject in which he has published over 30 papers in internationally reputable journals. In 2001, he co-authored the only reference information on the prevalence and risk factors for chloroquine-resistant P.falciparum malaria in the middle belt of Nigeria and, in September 2008, he co-authored the paper on the prevalence and continuing significance of rota-virus diarrhoea in children in Ilorin that was published in the Journal of Tropical Pediatrics.

He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, founding member, Research Initiative on Traditional Antimalarial Methods and a fellow of the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria in Family Medicine.

He has served as clinical consultant to various international organizations that have visited Nigeria for various projects. These include the American Peace Corps, the Chinese railway Contractors and Egyptian Clergymen.

His involvement with the management of health related problems of the Chinese group was particularly rewarding. The hospital not only significantly reduced malaria morbidity and mortality among the group, the recommendations on pre-travel counseling with emphasis on malaria chemoprophylaxis for such vulnerable groups was published in the Journal of Travel Medicine in the year 2000.

Dr Olanrewaju has won a number of travel fellowships to many international conferences, some of these include:

  • The Pfizer sponsored travel fellowship to the 1st Annual Public Health Forum on Malaria & Tropical Medicine in London
  • The Becton Dickinson Travel Fellowship to the 13th International Congress on Malaria and Tropical Medicine Held in Bangkok, Thailand
  • The Nuffield foundation sponsored participation at the first “RITAM” conference on “Evidence-based use of Traditional anti-malaria Medicines” held at Moshi, Tanzania
  • The WHO-sponsored “malaria consultant’s workshop” in Harare, Zimbabwe
  • The SWIPHA part-sponsored participation at the “centenary conference” of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine UK.

He has served the medical community in various capacities. A member of the ethical/disciplinary committee of the Nigerian Medical Association, immediate past chairman of the Continuing Medical Education Committee of the Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria, past vice–chairman of the Association of Community Physicians of Nigeria (Kwara State Branch), Chairman LOC, AGM/Scientific Conference Committee of the Academy of Family Physicians of Nigeria, Ilorin 2003, and a member of the clinical sub-group of the Research Initiative on Traditional Antimalaria Methods (RITAM). He also heads the Malaria Resource Centre, a research enterprise arm of the hospital involved in basic laboratory and clinical research on malaria.